Filthy Retriever Rolls In Mud! Phil And Max Go For Walkies!!

30. 08. 2020
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Hey guys! So this is Max. He is Shane's Dad's dog. He's 2 years old and a golden retriever just like Toby if some of you remember him! If you do you've been here a long time!!
Max loves to get dirty and roll in all the puddles he can find! At least Phil just likes to run through them, on this occasion however, Phil took the opportunity to look like the golden boy haha. He stayed clean for once which was astonishing, he was more concentrated on getting his favourite tennis ball!
It's funny to watch as Max was letting Phil be in charge and even though he is way faster, letting Phil get the tennis ball! Max is also scared of Milo if you search our other videos haha.
Philthy Phil stayed relatively clean for once! Thanks for watching guys! Hope you enjoyed, we didn't have to bath Max so it was all good haha.
Love from the woofs xx