Giant Malamute With Alopecia X / Coat Funk! Phil's Update

27. 09. 2020
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Hey everyone, we've promised an update on where we are with Phil in his condition so here is the most current. Phil is well in himself but we are still medicating him on a current vetenary grade of melocutin to see how that progresses before asessing the dosage. We've been trying things for 3 years now from zinc defficiency, cushings/thyroid tests, treating for thyroid, raw foods, different coat oils, shampoos, grooming. skin biopsies etc and we're running out of options. The diagnosis is alopaecia x which basically is a general term for undiagnosed cause unfortunately
We will continue to try all reccomendations but we think the aim is to slow the progression now to maintain what he has, Phil's caot is in a latency stage and there has been no new hair growth for some years. Luckily he does not blow his coat as it does not cycle like normal now, if he did he would lose his coat in one go!
Phil is still the happiest bear and no matter fluff or not he'll still be loved by all, we'll just get him some swag coats haha. Niko has more than enough to help a brother out! She sheds it like it's going out of fashion!
Thanks for watching guys, hope this explains a bit more for all those new to the channel or for anyone else out there searching and going through the same with their little bear!
love from all of us! Thanks for watching! xx