Giant Sulking Dog Hates Bath Time Throws Tantrum And Does Everything To Avoid It!! (CUTEST DOG EVER)

21. 09. 2020
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We told you that time was coming again!! Phil never learns as he gleefully wallows in mud galore! He's so happy until he's home and has to turn left at the top of the stairs, the realisation hits! The despair is real! The dog lives for peanut butter but he pretends its not there in a desperate bid to vanish. Phil mimics a statue as he stares into the wall trying to remain hidden! He is hilarious in his characteristics I'm sure you'll agree...
So things took a different turn this time. Harley (Phil's favourite person) offered to wash Phil to see if the situation could be more pleasing for him. First off she tried reasoning but it wasn't working. She tried to take a more forceful approach but Phil was adamant it wasn't happening!
He is such a big baby all the drama before to then get in and be fine, sometimes he remembers when he is in the bath and starts to act again but generally once the ordeal of getting in is over he is pretty much fine!
If this is the first time you've seen Phil take a bath and long for more of this, don't worry we got you covered! There are a few Phil bath saga's in our library just search 'sulking dog'
Milo has also suffered the wrath of the bath, only once though haha he was quite chill actually!
Niko doesn't min the bath and in the last video she even got in to show off!
Phil starts throwing a tantrum and Niko gets wind of this so the two start howling mid video - it's quite loud in a bathroom haha.
Of course Mia was there for support once again, she even tries to help wash her teddy bear at one point, she doesn't want to see him upset!
But the golden moments are Harley's failures. You can't not laugh along with this one. Phil is so heavy and when he doesn't want to move its nearly impossible, couple that with his sad crying and frantic pivot turning it's so funny!
Thanks for watching guys. See you next time. Love from us xx

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  • Leave that poor dog alone!

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  • Just think, if you'd had a Yorkshire Terrier dog instead, you'd have thrown him in there in two seconds flat! (Not so entertaining, it's true...)

    Tom BakerTom BakerPřed 18 hodinami
  • Nice dog, funny video but WHAT a body !

    lauimanlauimanPřed 23 hodinami
  • These are the worst parents and they have a child. The woman so week and silly doibg the same thing over and over. Aaargh! If it is like that every time. I feel sorry for the dog. They litterally prolonging the dogs stress. Just put him there instantly. Stop bribing and saying good boy for literaly nothing. Stop being stupidly cheerful, it is actually annoying. Do you think the dog is that stupid. By the time video is finished I would have been at least half way through bathing him. A joke for a video?

    EdithEdithPřed 23 hodinami
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  • What a cutie!!

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  • Ins´t more simple , call a pet to give a shower in that dog?

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  • Не хочет мыться, смешной.

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  • ' a cu stu fredd cor cazz baby che me planfavi in te la vaschett .. bast ma manupulat e via.. cusi te risparm sull antipulz.. vistu pure lu moschett, zanzar y calabrun se scappanu dalla puzz..

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  • Thing is I have a small dog 4 lbs? I take the puppy with me in the shower and I'm done in 5 minutes to wash a small dog so fir a malamute that big to wet his hair 5-8 mins, put soap or shampoo in the dog's hair 12 mins (?) depending how fluffy s/he is , then rinse the dog off 5-7 mins, i figure 1/2 hour plus or minus for a dog that big? Or how fluffy the hair is?

    Linda Pettigrew Alma TzuriyaLinda Pettigrew Alma TzuriyaPřed 2 dny
  • клёвая задница у девушки)

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  • Dogs don’t like to bathe in bath tub 🛁 Use rubber hose to bath him and he will like it very much 👍👍👍

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  • У нас дома такой же,как мыться так истерика,был маленький проблема с мытьём сейчас большой но мыться не любит,поэтому вас мы понимаем,счастья вашей семье!.

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  • poor animal. It is agains her/his nature to live in apartment. You should ask yourself why animal does not want to bath? Because it is not natural! Btw, where is her mate, her family, her puppies, her life? To live with you? Poor animal.

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  • My dog used to stand in the doorway and bark if we stood in front of the bathtub and called his name. It was hilarious. He hated baths, but loved to swim. Weird beast.

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  • “Over my dead body” -Philly Bear, 2020

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