Hugging My Dogs For Too Long! MALE V FEMALE (Howling Too!!)

10. 09. 2020
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Hey! Phil loves to be a giant teddy bear! Heres a short clip of the differences between Phil and Niko, Phil loves to be fussed over and cuddled in the most awkward ways, as long as you're making a fuss over him! Niko isn't too keen on the sitting position but enjoys the fuss, a couple of mins in when the two are having a 'lady and the tramp' moment Niko let's out a growl to Phil haha. Not as romantic as the film!
Phil enjoys the cuddling so much he stretches his legs out and makes himself comfortable, he even starts his happy howling!!
Oh of course Milo loves all the attention too even scratching his little foot beans, he just decides he's outta there once the wolves start howling!!
Also at the end when making a fuss of Niko you can see the difference in their coats! Niko's hair falls out just by stroking her like a typical malamute! We'll do a grooming video to show you soon!
Thanks for watching guys, all the love from us xx