Van Life With Dogs | Come On Holiday With Us! (Mia's First Camping Trip)

20. 07. 2020
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Hey guys! We filmed some of our weekend away so we could share the best moments with all of our followers. We are trying to travel as much as possible with Amelia and the dogs making the most of the UK in our van. For a long time we have had a plan to tour Europe next year around April but since the virus we're not sure what will happen and it may be an opportunity to discover more of the UK. We travelled through Europe Sept 2018 and met lots of followers along the way. We have always had a camper van but early this year we sold our Volkswagen T5 it and got a bigger one to accommodate all of us as a family and a bigger space for the dogs. We love our new van and will hopefully be able to get away more in it. This was on the east coast of England in a place called Atwick, it is difficult to get a campsite at the moment due to the facilities being shut so people have to have vans or tents attached to a van and use their own toilets in the uk. Little Mia slept in our bed with us and she didn't wake up during the night and even had a lie in she must have liked it! As always Phil and Niko loved going away and seeing new places with new smells. Our van is even big enough for a third dog now :) Hopefully we will go away next weekend too, we're looking for a lake this time. Milo spends his holidays with claude when he isn't with us, but sometimes if its not too far we bring him too! He's been to the snow the beach the forest and fields, he loves it too!
Thanks for watching guys. See you tomorrow. Love from all the fluffs and us xx

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  • Mia is such a beautiful baby

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  • Marry me, prince Phil!!!

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  • 3:41 The dogs look so cute together!

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  • You can tell Mia was have THE BEST time by that beautiful smile!💕💕

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  • What a nice family....we need this all over the world!Amazing❤

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  • Adorable Family. 👍👍❤🙏

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  • Mila looks like her Daddy. ❤❤

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  • Beautiful family!❤

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  • Such a happy baby! 🤣🥰

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  • That seat?? MILO has plans

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  • We come for the kid and stay for the dogs or vice versa

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  • I am so in love with Mia

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  • Where is Milo?

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  • ... you teach your daughter beautiful habits and respect for the world, which can be seen after she kissed the head of the other baby :)

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  • ... and these paws down, what for ??? ...oh people, people...

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  • Happy travels

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  • That beam of pride once both father and daughter climbs to the top .. that smile is so cute to behold 😍😍😍

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  • We Like 👍 it ❤️&✌️

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  • Mia is gorgeous ...I Think is gonna be a supergirl with a lot of friends overall ...

  • This beach reminds me of Cardiff. Awesome blog and glad I found it.

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  • That smile when she’s on his back is just so heart-warming. ❤️❤️ 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

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  • 2:35 Phil: ah excuse me. Passing thru. Dad is calling me 😂

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  • O man, this is my favourite baby on CSworld. She makes me laugh with her cuteness. What's wrong with Phil's tail? Why isn't it bushy like Niko's?

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  • Very nice baby

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  • Niko is so beautiful and looks like a Canine Shaman with the flames in front of her. love your channel, keep safe! :-)

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  • I love Mia! Her smile is adorable and of course her feet!

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  • Love this family so much😍 they make me laugh and smile😊 such a great way to end my day, ty🙏❤ we love you all❤❤💖

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  • The ladies in the dingy need life preservers. Regardless, if you can swim, stuff happens.

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  • 😂😁 Mia’s little face with her little pink cap on 😁😁she is fully loving life up there on daddy’s shoulders 😁❤️

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  • 👍✌️

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  • Amelia is daddy’s girl and she’ll be just like him. Phillip has spent his energy and he is resting well

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  • I thought awesome!!!! Very cool!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

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  • Mia is having such a great time.

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  • Where is Milo?

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  • What a big nose Phillybear has...😀

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  • Mia's cap is too cute!! And your hubby is giving DC vibes with his New Balance sneakers 👟. I see that is his favorite! Love it

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  • Mia is so happy as she is on top of the world

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  • You guys are such good parents!!🙂🙂

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  • You guys radiate love. You can feel the positive energy through the camera. Thanks 🙏 for showing people how much dogs and a cat truly are family and not just pets.

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  • So precious! Beautiful family..

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  • phil has the same eyes like richard gere. now i know why richard gere is such a ladie´s man.

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  • The SeaWater is good for Nico's Skin and Phil's Fur. 💖🤗

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  • I just want to know the phillybear reaction if someone said its bath time now near the sea shore😁😁😁😁

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  • A Getaway to the Beach 😘🏖️ 😎💙...So Needed for So Many of Us 💞 AMAZING VIDEO 🐾

  • Happiness is - Seeing Teddy Bear Phil getting gently stroked while he sleeps ♥️😍♥️ ASMR heaven.

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  • The best part of this video starts at 5:43 ♥️

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  • Does Mia ever get fussy or cry?

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  • Mia's gorgeous smile and adorable pink hat are just too cute!!! She is the happiest baby ever! So good to see the floofs enjoying the seaside too.

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  • So lovely to see little Mia with those delighted smiles. 4:19 enjoying a rockabye while daddy keeps his abs

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  • really like your dogs~

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  • OMG my favorite video so far. Loved loved it. Phil is so sweet. Mias smile coming off that trail. And Neko off lease around other dogs. Woo hoo ! I’m interested in your van. How did you get it done. What kind is it. How much did it cost. It looks kinda perfect. My husband and I are getting close to retirement. And are devoted to our golden retriever.

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  • Looks like everyone has a wonderful time!

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  • 2:43 "Who's gonna carry the boats!?"

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  • Awww love those dogs. What beach is that? Looks very calm

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  • Mia is the best anti depressant I have ever known It cures my depression in an instant

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  • It was because of the phil i joined this I love everyone..but I love phil very much..just to see him all the time..Hope he will get well soon..n never get sick again in his life🥺

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  • Love Phil and Nico sitting on the beach as the tide comes in.

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  • Hello Mia she's so very very cute baby

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  • Fair play to the two girls getting into the raft not a chance would you get me in it

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  • The nearest body of water for me is the Ohio River. E-E-E-YUCK! Any toilet at my job is probably safer. Where is the yappy little mutt? It sounds like my mom's dog!

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  • I luv your vacation wonderful everything you guys do for your family is so awesome. Mia has the biggest, cutest smile

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  • When Love It’s At The Centre Of A Family Life This Is The Result ! All R Involved Couple Baby Daughter Animals ! It’s Mutualists Symbiosis All Giving & Receiving Love ! U Can Only Go Forward & Achieve !

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  • Fun times! Nice camp grounds too. Mia is going to be a happy camper. 2😃❤

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  • 0:35 Very cool, wish I had that when I was little, then maybe riding on the shoulders wouldn't have been so scary for me.

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  • How many kids do you have?

    Kally KayKally KayPřed 3 měsíci
    • @Life with Malamutes oh! By the way I watch your vlogs from 🇩🇪🇩🇪

      Kally KayKally KayPřed 3 měsíci
    • @Life with Malamutes Thank you 4 replying I thought the girl was yours aswell. 🙏🙏 You guys are a lovely family ❤❤

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    • Just Amelia then we went away with Shanes little sister Ella and some friends

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  • That's awesome! So pretty and relaxing. Never seen a seat for the shoulders before, that's neat. She had the biggest grin on that cute face and that hat was adorable on her. Glad you had fun.

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  • A million thank yous for this post. I was having a weepy day and now I'm not. Cheers.

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    • God no he stayed with Ella’s mum and her cat

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  • Mia’s smile is everything!!!

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  • This looks exactly what our camping holidays were always like. Our children still talk about them now and they are 27, 28 and 29 now. Some of our best memories are of our trailer tent or camper-van. Mia reminds me of them, growing up around pets and the outdoors. Hope Phil is ok, I have hypothyroidism and it’s awful, I hope he doesn’t have the symptoms I suffer with. Love to you all from lynne in not so sunny Scarborough 💖💖💖💖

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  • 3:48 Niko “ What are you looking at Phil?” Phil “ Is this a ball, or is it food ?” Niko “ It is a pebble Phil!” Phil “ Can I eat it?” Niko. “ No you can’t Phil, it is not food!”

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